I’m a writer and photographer from South Minneapolis, Minnesota residing in Nebraska. I enjoy wearing hoodies, drinking hot cocoa, and sleeping in late. I’m an INFP, if you’re into the whole Jungian/Myers-Briggs sort of thing. (I’m not, but it tells me I’m special.)

I like Jewish theology and philosophy, journalism/new media, hearing loss and surrounding technology, and a slew of arts and humanities.

I’m a graduate of Arts High in literary art. I also studied digital photography at MCAD during high school, and was a Star Tribune communications intern.

My photography has been shown/sold at galleries in Minneapolis and New York City, featured online by Minnesota Public Radio, and in print by New Scientist. It has also served as stock photography.

A little common sense: the thoughts/views/opinions expressed on this website (and on websites such as Twitter) are mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of any of companies or organizations with which I have been affiliated. That would be stupid.